Don’t Use Wood?


Back in the 90’s, around the same time that cell phones were the size of thermoses and the internet wasn’t really a thing, the US government put out a warning that wood cutting boards were unsafe, and even banned them from use in commercial kitchens.


Fast forward more or less two decades and it is still a commonly-held belief that wood cutting boards are unsafe because of… germs and stuff.


Contrary to this belief, modern studies have researched the differences between the wooden and plastic cutting boards, and the results paint a completely different picture.


Wood is Tougher

A researcher at UC Davis found that wooden cutting boards are actually more durable than plastic cutting boards, especially if you are using a wood such as Chestnut or Bamboo.


With proper treatment (notably mineral oil) every few months, a cutting board made of wood can practically last forever. Treating your board preserves its integrity and enhances its anti-bacterial abilities.

Wood is better for the environment


It goes without saying that reducing our use of plastic decreases the amount of harm we inflict on our planet.


Using wood, preferably those that are sustainably sourced, means that we don’t have to extract oils to make the plastic that would’ve been a flimsy plastic cutting board.


Some organizations will even go a step further when you source a cutting board from them. For example, Green Board will plant ten trees for every sustainable cutting board sold.


Wood is better for you


Plastic is prone to developing deep, permanent grooves as a result of cutting. These grooves (other than being a pain to cut on) provide a home for bacteria to hide, making cross-contamination possible.


It has also been found that wood has natural anti-microbial abilities, with research from the University of Wisconsin showing that bacteria tends to die out on the surface of wood cutting boards.




Continued research and use has shown that wooden cutting boards are not only just as good as plastic cutting boards, but in many cases can be perceived as better as well.


Do you prefer wood or plastic cutting board? Let us know in the comments or by dropping us a line below!

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