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We are ApexTek Labs, an engineering, design, and manufacturing firm based in Gainesville Florida, established in 2015. From its founding, ApexTek's mission was to develop products that promote mutual integration of humans and the environment. While originally focusing on wind and solar technology. We began to grasp the fact that no single innovation will solve all our environmental issues. Only through small habit changes in the population can we see a big change.  From this, we knew the biggest impact would be seen through consumer goods that ease the adoption of green habits.

Apex Tek Labs caters to some of the most driven people in central Florida. Since its inception, Apex Tek has helped dozens of aspiring entrepenurs take their unique product concept and bring it to life. Our offices provide the tools and talent for anyone with a worth wile idea, to build a quality product.  

The other side of Apex Tek is our home grown products. Our talented engineers are always on the look out for better solutions for our daily tasks. We conceive, build and market our products in house. Each concept is considered with our motto in mind, "Small habits make big changes". 

We believe that with the tools and technology available, businesses have an obligation to make their products as earth friendly as possible. We consider the impact our products have on the environment at every step of production. It was this principle that brought the Green Board into reality. Out lead engineer Cliff Steel wanted a better cutting board for his small kitchen, and our green practices did the rest. The Green Board is perfect for kitchens with little counter space, and every part of it is built with the environment in mind which is why we consider it the board that does more. 

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Green Board is a fresh take on sustainably sourced bamboo cutting boards that is unlike any other. With hooks for biodegradable shopping bags as well as custom-made drop-in storage containers, one can slice and swipe their freshly prepped food into the tub and dispose of the waste in one fell swoop.


Green Board makes food preparation easy and efficient. Whether you are getting ready for the week with meal prep, cooking dinner for your family or preparing a magnificent feast for the holidays, Green Board is here to make your experience enjoyable. Cooking novices all the way to professional chefs benefit from Green Board’s unique design. Embrace a new way to cook with Green Board's new Patent Pending design.

The Green Board was simply a tool built to ease cooking in a kitchen with limited counter space. However, thanks to years of beta testing and feedback, the Green Board has been refined to its current green state, allowing reusable containers and compostable bags to help prevent unnecessary waste.”


Clifford Steele is an avid traveler with a engineering background in Design & manufacturing. Cliff firmly believes, "Small habits make for the biggest changes in our path to sustainability". Our mission is to offer products that make these good habits easier!

The Green Board will be crowd funded with the intention to bring it to a big box store near you!


Creating products that have a minimum impact on the environment is only the first step. Green Board has partnered with in order to truly remove its ecological footprint. For every board purchased, will plant ten trees. The Green board is made of one of the few sustainable materials available, but trees will always be necessary for our world to survive. With working in tandem with Green Board we can legitimately give more than we take.


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